Welcome to Third Grade!

There is so much to learn this year! From Character Counts to College Bound, we are students who are preparing for success! 

A few things that you can do to help your student have a successful year are...
* Make sure that they are getting enough sleep! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 9-11 hours. So if your child wakes at 7:00 am, a 9:00 pm bedtime would be appropriate.
*Fuel their brain for learning with good meals! Our school cafeteria provides a grab-and-go breakfast each morning for students to bring into the classroom with them, as well as a nutritionally balanced lunch. Please make sure that if your child will be late to school that they have eaten, as the wait for lunch can be very long on an empty stomach.
*Check and sign their student planner each day. I check these in the morning as part of our daily routines, and they play an important role in parent/teacher communication. They are also a great way for students practice their organization.
*Ask questions! If there is anything that you want to know, please ask. I am here to work with you to help your student be successful and have a fantastic year.

Character Counts

"We are kids for character, on our way to college!" is the first phrase we recite each morning as we begin our day. Being a kid for character is very important for your student's education and their life. There are six pillars of character that we focus on at Edison. They are...
  1.  Trustworthiness
  2.  Respect
  3.  Responsibility
  4.  Fairness
  5.  Caring
  6.  Citizenship. 

We enjoy giving special recognition to students who are demonstrating exceptional character in the classroom. If a student shows that they are having trouble with their character, we will be there to help them get back on track. 

Helpful Links

For information on checking your student's grades online, please select the Infinite Campus links on the Quick Links tab on the Edison homepage. 

For Reading and Math, students have access to Think Central. This contains their online assignments, such as tests. It also gives them access to a digital version of their textbooks as well as extra practice books for skills, online tutorial videos, and interactive practice games. This is available for students to access through their Office 365 log in. 

For Science, students have access to Pearson SuccessNet. This contains similar material to the above site, but for Science. Again, this material is available for students to access through their Office 365 log in.

For research and information, particularly for Writing, Social Studies, or Science, Pebble Go is a free online resource that is amazing!

Pebble Go 

Links for extra practice, a change of pace, or just for fun!

Free Rice     Flocabulary     ixl Math     ixl Language Arts     Math Playground     Moby Max

Skills we have worked on so far:

Reading: Understanding Characters, Alphabetical Order, Using a Dictionary, Using Text Features

Math: Rounding, Addition with Regrouping, Subtraction with Regrouping, Comparing Numbers, Interpret Data

Mrs. Wyatt's Contact Info

Please email me at amanda.wyatt@ops.org.

If you have a time-sensitive message, please call 402-392-7310.